Hair Care Range

Hair is a very integral part of an individual's personality. Good hair is often a sign of good health and youth. Among women, hair is also a symbol of beauty. To enrich hair or to tackle various problems, there are many hair growth products available in the market. But, these hair growth products should be used only after consultation with medical professionals. But, before using any hair growth product, it is important to understand the nature of our hair. It is also important to understand hair regrowth in women.

Our hair is made up of keratin, a protein that is produced in the hair follicles located on the outer layer of the skin. On average, the adults have around 150,000 hairs and the growth cycle can last from 2-6 years. Generally, a hair loss of around 100 of them happens daily.

According to studies, it is normal to lose a certain amount of hair. It can start at any age. When the hair regrowth in women is reduced and loss is more than normal, it can cause negative impact. Lack of hair regrowth in women affects their self-esteem, confidence, and relationship. It even extends to the quality of life. The loss may vary according to different reasons like eating disorders, low iron levels, emotional or physical stress and hormonal imbalance. The key to reducing hair fall is to detect the signs early.

Check the below signs to know if you suffering from hair loss:

  • Receding Hairline
  • Thinning of hair at the crown of the head
  • Visible Bald patches
  • Hair fall visible on comb and pillow