Hair needs the right care for right growth. A little bit of effort and quality time can give you healthy and lustrous hair. Just follow these little tips.

Handle Gently

Handle Gently

Pamper your hair, comb or brush it in the morning to keep it tangle-free. It also helps in even distribution of natural oils.

Wash your hair

Wash your hair

People with dry hair should wash hair every third day, while oily hair needs to be washed every day. A good hair wash ensures a soft and glossy look.

Baking soda Therapy

Night Hair Care

Before you go to sleep comb your hair gently

Your conditioner treatment

Comb Wet hair with ease

Hair is almost three times more vulnerable when it is wet. So mop gently with a towel and use a comb with wider teeth

Almond oil for strong hair

Avoid excessive dyes and colours

Too much of hair colours and dyes can rob the hair of their health. It can lead to thinning and hair fall too.

Use silken pillow covers

Use silken pillow covers

Silk is gentle on your hair. Other materials can roughen your skin and cause tangling if you have long hair.

Weather & Hair

Weather and Hair

Weather affects us and our hairs too. Winter gives you dry hair, while summer gives you hair damage. In summer you should cover your hair with a cap

Most problems can be controlled if you follow a good diet, and maintain a clean hair through daily hair treatments.